Capitalism And Socialism And Communism Essay

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There is a lot of ways for a government to rule its country. Usually, they use a precise type of economic politics in order to control a country’s economy. Some governments use capitalism –like in United-States, some use communism – like Russia-, some can use socialism – a bit more like in Quebec. There are obviously many more economic politics, but the ones that are used most likely still capitalism and socialism. Those two doctrines are really different in many ways, but mainly regarding the social class distinctions, the role of the government in the economy and finally, the freedom of choice given to the population.

The classification of the people is something generally followed by the government. They will look at it to know which people to satisfy, what to give to what people. The people in capitalism are normally divided in four groups: the elite people, the rich, the middle-class and finally, the poor people. Between the poor and the elite, they are a massive difference between their wealth. More important, they are a lot poorer people than there are rich or elite people. It end out with a horrible inequality, making the rich people richer and the poor people again poorer, and the few elite people own more than the enormous quantity of poor people. In socialism, there is no such inequality. Usually, the taxes are higher in order to redistribute to poorer people. Everyone have the same rights, and even if doctors are still richer than janitors, it isn’t an…

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