Capitalism and Freedom Term Paper

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Term Paper Capitalism and Freedom, written by Milton Friedman, seems to focus significantly on the connections between the economics and politics, and the effect that those have in various aspects of society. This relationship was referred to throughout the book, and the topics Friedman discusses ranged between governmental control of money, to foreign policy and trade and the effect that has on our economy. Through the course of the book, Friedman constantly refers to his “classical liberal” view, which focuses on the freedoms and power of the individual in society. Friedman shows his support of this view during the book using the idea of a laissez-faire government. For Freidman, government involvement in issues regarding society should …show more content…
However, he also states that there is a framework that acts as a sort of “rules of the game.” (Pg. 25) Government should be the interpreter of these rules, and step in when there is a disagreement, or disruption within the market. It seems to me that Friedman believes that this applies to only most situations, where it is possible for individuals to affect the outcome. An example where representation may not be heard from every individual, but will affect everyone is national defense. Even though individuals opinions may be heard, the ultimate decision for how national defense should be set up and operate is by the government. Even though people have a say, not everyone can affect it, and once it is in place it is difficult for individuals to change it. This does, however, reinforce government’s role in protecting our liberties. Even if people don’t want national defense, it is, in a sense, divided evenly among everyone. Another example of this is the issue of social security. The government has in place a policy of money being taken out of pay, to be put into somewhat of a retirement fund. Whether people like it or not, they are legally required to pay their social security. On the other side of this, I believe that there is no greater check on government than people bringing forth their ideas. The government needs to take in the ideas of many different groups, and use the diversity of those ideas to create solutions. Political parties are

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