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03-10-2011 (3 october that is)

This is a simple traffic loading fix, for people who have modded cars and get the issue of always the same car appearing. It is also a welcome addition for people who wish to have more diverse traffic and/or want more control of the amount of traffic appearing.
You will need an asi loader and aru's Scripthook, or something similar. Be sure you GTA IV can load .asi scripts. This script has been tested on (with ScriptHook 0.4.0), (ScriptHook 0.4.0) and (with ScriptHook 0.5.1).
To install this mod, copy the files TrafficLoad.asi and TrafficLoad.ini in your GTA IV folder. Remove all older or other versions!
TrafficLoad.ini configuration
You can specify
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After that, it randomly loads 26 cars again. This process repeats the entire time the game is loaded. Each cycle takes roughly [the amount you specified] seconds, but you won't notice anything. Just give the script some time to load, [the amount you specified]*2.5 seconds after loading a savegame, traffic diversity is constant.
Busses and taxis however do not participate in the cycle. They always load no matter what has been chosen, they just load. Busses appear regulary and all taxi variants appear in a good mixture.
This way of loading offers far more diversity than older methods. Cars which aren't loaded normally appear in traffic. Sports cars load sparingly, but they all load. Even the Infernus and Comet load. You won't notice repeating cycles anymore consisting of 30 different cars, all 84 cars (excluding service cars and taxis) are loaded. Bikes also appear normally since 03-10-2011.

Have fun!
- ikt

If problems occur, please reply in this thread: or reply in the download page of this mod on

You may freely host, rehost or distribute this mod. If you plan to host the mod, please leave this package as it is. The same thing applies when including this fix in your mod, leave this package as it is. Thank you!

Disregard ALL old versions. They are unstable and caused a lot of irritations.

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