Essay about Capital Punishment

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March 7th, 2014


Capital punishment or as some refer as “the death penalty” is an emotional subject for all Americans and is a sensitive subject especially on the political stage. This research paper will discuss how the death penalty is not murder nor is it cruel. The death penalty is the delivery of justice to a suspect that has committed the most hideous crime of murder. The death penalty is justice being served after the suspect has been found guilty by a jury and has been through countless hearings in an appellate court. Our society has to have a defense in the battle of good versus evil, and a punishment that would cause
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Michael Kronenwetter discusses how the death penalty prevents future crime in his book, Capital Punishment. Mr. Kronenwetter states, “In the past, many murderers who have been given life sentences have eventually been released, whether on parole, to alleviate prison overcrowding, or because of some other circumstance” (Kronenwetter, M. p.36 1993). Capital Punishment is an effective deterrent to the most violent crimes in our society and should be legal throughout the United States.The potential of the death penalty punishment deters people from committing acts of murder. Many people fear death; therefore, it’s logical to believe that if they know death could be the consequence of their act, they are less than likely to commit such hideous acts. Death is a never-ending punishment and deters some from committing violent acts. An article written by Journalist Robert Tanner, in an article in the Washington Post, titled “Studies Say Death Penalty Deters Crime”, references a study by the University of Colorado at Denver Professor Naci Mocan. In the study Professor Mocan states, “ each execution results in five fewer homicides, and commuting a death sentence means five more homicides” (Tanner, R. 2007). The punishment of death that is an available option for the government assists the criminal justice authorities in keeping their citizens safe.
The death penalty ends the life of a convicted killer and while the

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