Capital Punishment Essay

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Capital Punishment
Jason Schill One of the most talked about and controversial topics in any Criminal Justice, physiology, or philosophy class is Capital punishment or the act of taking a life for committing a crime. You can’t watch any election involving politics without hearing their stance on capital punishment are they for it or not? After reading the first paragraph you can start to guess what this paper is going to be about, my paper is going to be about my position on the death penalty and how I agree with Blackmun’s ideas on why the death penalty is unconstitutional. Also I am going to add sources to help with my persuasive argument. An argument can be made that the death penalty is not important and it does not affect most
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(Rogers 32). Blackmun’s explanation for this was that the court system had vague aggravated circumstances for deciding to put someone to death (Abelson 295), court cases like Arave v. Creech and Coleman v. Thompson were just a few of the court cases he named for actual cases that concurred his views. Justice Blackmun’s final views on the death penalty are very similar to mine are very similar to mine, I agree with the fact that our court system is very inconsistent with its rulings on the death penalty; it is a very biased punishment. The number of minorities put to death in our court system is way too high. You have more chance of receiving the death penalty if you kill a woman or a child, twice the chance if you are a minority and that person happens to be white. Minority on minority crime is almost never punished with the death penalty. These inconsistencies Blackmun talks about are very evident in many cases. He concluded his opinion my saying “Perhaps one day this Court will develop procedural rules or verbal formulas that actually will provide consistency, fairness, and reliability in a capital sentencing scheme. I am not optimistic that such a day will come. I am more optimistic, though, that this Court eventually will conclude that the effort to eliminate arbitrariness while preserving fairness” (Rogers). It was not hard to find credible websites against the death

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