Capital Punishment Benefits

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Capital punishment, the United States law that is enforced on society’s most dangerous criminals such as rapist and murderers to “ensure” the safety of citizen and deter crimes as promised. As of right now, there are thirty eight states in the United States that have a death penalty and the cost of the death penalty for each state is different but one thing in similar is it’s not worth spending so much money on killing somebody that could face a better way of punishment. Many believe that the death penalty benefits outweigh its costs because it has been there for centuries. "The death penalty should not be a utilitarian issue in terms of weighing the costs against the benefits, but rather an issue simply of justice, of who deserves it.”(Jon) …show more content…
Death penalty is an easy way out for the criminal that committed such crime like rape or murder, there are better ways to punish those criminal and just killing them is way too easy, they deserve to pay for what they did and that is life in prison, to serve for the sin that they created.
For example, capital trials are six times more costly in California than other murder trials, states that establish capital punishment as legal comes in at a very high price. Another example, death penalty case cost about $2.3 million in Texas and that is about three times compared to the cost of imprisoning a criminal for 40 years. “death penalty costs $137 million per year; life imprisonment without parole would cost $11.5 million per year.”(GLOSSIP v. GROSS) the cost of the death penalty could be 10 times bigger than life in prison depends on which state. The process of a death penalty guilty criminal is much more complex compared to other criminal cases that do not involve the death penalty and that is why it cost so much just to investigate and do trials. Compared to life in prison, the death penalty is not worth it because the cost of it is way too high just to execute someone when there are better ways to punish the capital criminal. Therefore, putting someone in prison not only cost a lot less compared to the death penalty, there are better ways to punish the guilty after they committed such
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Activities in our world which humans are involved, and those activities have possibilities of injury or even death. Sports, construction jobs, air travel, driving and many more activities all have great possibilities of accidents happening. These activities are part of our lives and will always take human lives every day, so the activities can never be taken away, but death penalty can be removed since it is not justified by violating the 8th amendment, it is an immoral act that has not been proven to deter crimes, and has a chance of executing an innocent person. Capital punishment is not only an unacceptable way to punish someone, it was found to violate the Eighth Amendment 's "prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment, ACLU opposes capital punishment as a clear violation of the Eighth Amendment’s ban on cruel and unusual punishments.”(Sam) It is extremely cruel to put someone to death no matter the crime that they committed, there are other ways to punish the guilty and executing the person means taking away the chance that they deserve to change and become a better person. Nowhere in the constitution say that the punishment must be as equally to the crime they convicted, The 8th amendment clearly do not allow cruel and unusual punishments. Therefore, the death penalty is telling people that it is right to revenge with violence, an eye for an

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