Essay on Capital Punishment : The Ultimate Crime

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The Ultimate Crime
There were approximately 23 people who were executed while being on death row in the United States this year. California alone is projected to spend around one billion dollars in the next five years on the death penalty. Capital punishments adds up to be 24 million for every individual person in the United States(Source). This ends up costing more than keeping a person in prison for the duration of their life. Do people agree with capital punishment? Whether individuals are for, against, or only for capital punishment in heinous crimes, everyone will agree it needs to be more cost efficient.
A study conducted in 2013 found that 63 percent of Americans are in favor of the death penalty. Those who are in favor of capital punishment will argue for retribution for the family of the victim. It is a form of closure that helps to allow the families to move on from the event. Another argument for the death penalty is that it is a crime deterrent. Stating that having capital punishment decreases the amount of crimes committed each year. This includes crimes occurring in society and crimes that occur in the prison system. What is to stop a man sentenced to life in prison from killing another prisoner or even a guard? One can take away prison privileges or freedom, but this is not enough to deter the violent acts. The answer is capital punishment, the only thing that can truly deter a person with a life sentence from committing a worse crime. A prisoner on parole…

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