How To Write A Persuasive Essay On Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment. What do you think of when you hear those words? Justice? Death? Why should we use capital punishment? It could prevent future murders from happening because if people hear about what happens to those who have killed then it will stop them from committing the same crimes. What would you do if someone in your family was murdered? What would you want to do to the person who murdered your family member? If you think about it, capital punishment is a good thing to have because 'An eye for an eye' right?

Deterrence is one of the main reasons to use capital punishment, if the criminals know what happens to people who commit horrific crimes it will stop those same crimes from happening again.The death penalty sentence is a controversial subject because those who support the act believe that severe penalties, including death will stop criminals from engaging in crimes. Most criminals are not aware of the consequences of their actions when they kill someone and this is why the death sentence should be a reminder to another criminal of the
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There are many arguments that the death penalty is wrong because it is putting the lives of the innocent or wrongly accused at risk and that it is morally wrong. However, there are also many other reasons to still use it today because it could be used as a deterrent for further crimes from happening and it will prevent people from reoffending. It is the only effective way to deter crimes, and the Federal Government of the United States has regulated the use of the death penalty in the past but now it is up to the individual states of America or countries across the world to decide if they want to use it again to prevent future crimes from happening. In the future, it should be mandatory throughout entire

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