Capital Punishment : The Modern Death Penalty Remains Slow, And Uncertain

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Capital Punishment
The modern death penalty remains slow, and uncertain. Previous supporters such as judges, lawmaker and politicians came out against it. An important date to remember is May 27th. On this date the conservative Nebraska state legislature abolished the death penalty in that state despite a veto attempt by governor Pete Ricketts. Besides Nebraska Texas has also been making measures to improve on capital punishment. From a peak of 40 executions in 2000, the Lone Star state put ten prisoners to death last year and seven in 2015(Drehle,2015). The United States death penalty support is currently stable at 63%. The all time high for death penalty support was around 1992 standing at 80% while the all time low was around 1964 standing at 42%. For the most part nonwhites are closely divided on the issue, with 49% in favor and 45% opposed. As seen in the chart provided more people regardless of age and gender are in favor of the death penalty(See appendix A)(Saad,2013).
Most groups but not liberals, lean in favor of the death penalty.Just under half of liberals which is 47% favor the death penalty, while 50% oppose it. Liberals believe that the death penalty should be abolished. They believe that is is inhumane and is “cruel and unusual”. Liberals feel that imprisonment is enough. Every execution risks killing an innocent person(Death Penalty,2015). It is not justifiable to kill a person because it is the job of the government to protect our civil liberties and our…

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