Capital Punishment : The First Recorded Execution Essay

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Pro Capital Punishment The first recorded execution was in 1608 (Fridell). This form of punishment has been around for many years and should continue to be used based on its effectiveness. It has its perks and it’s downfalls, but needs to be put in place to keep order in our society. If it wasn’t for the death penalty I believe our most violent individuals would stop at nothing to commit these outrageous crimes. Individuals are afraid of dying, but not everyone is afraid of prison. The usage of the death penalty decreases the crime rate, provides safety to society, and provides closure to the families involved. The first key element to look at is deterrence. The death penalty defers individuals from committing acts of violence that are punishable by death. One may say that if they are violent individuals they are not going to worry about being put to death. I beg to differ; there were only six executions that were charged in 1966-1980 and the murder rate doubled from 5.6 to 10.2 per 100,000 people. In 1998 execution rates reached an all time high of ninety-eight in the United States. The following year there was a significant drop in this statistic showing a 5.7 murder rate. (Pearce) This form of punishment instills fear in those who are thinking of committing a crime that may put them on death row. This information provides a basis for why the death penalty should still be used because there is a clear indicator that the murder rates have decreased and the…

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