Capital Punishment : The Death Penalty Essay

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Capital Punishment
Capital punishment also referred to as the Death Penalty, is a punishment given to criminals that committed the crime of murder, but it can be given for many other reasons but murder is the most common. The death penalty has been in use for centuries and was also used in the United States since their independence from Great Britain and it is still in use till this day.
There are many people that oppose the death penalty as well as many that agree with the policy of killing criminals for committing horrific crimes. The Death penalty is a huge problem because the U.S. is killing people for crimes they committed and there could be a chance where the wrong person might be executed.Another reason the death penalty is a problem that needs to be solved is that there is no real humane way of killing the death row inmate. There have been recent incidents where the method used did not work like expected. For example, in Oklahoma there was inmate that was executed using lethal injection but the injection did not work properly which resulted in the criminal groaning during his final moments of being alive.This is why the
U.S. should change their policy on the death penalty.
The Death penalty is a problem because the justice system is killing those who kill people to demonstrate that killing people is bad. The death penalty is also a problem because some criminals that have been sentenced to death have been found innocent just moments away from being executed, and that…

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