Essay about Capital Punishment : The Death Penalty

1004 Words Oct 25th, 2015 null Page
Capital punishment is also identified as the death penalty; execution. Capital Punishment has been a hot topic in the public eye for a while. The question on lots of minds is whether it is acceptable for the state to terminate one’s life for the crime they have committed. A significant issue that needs to be addressed is that the justice system will formulate mistakes over time. Whether it’s processing the evidence improperly or missing an enormous piece of the puzzle, mistakes can always be made. If an innocent person was executed, there is no way for the system to redeem itself. There is no way for a person to be brought back to life. As I began to research further into this issue, I became aware that plenty of people agree with the idea of capital punishment being endorsed; however, I believe the key reason this question needs to be asked is as it’s finally time for this issue to find closure.
Why is essential to find closure? Why does our justice system to seek capital punishment? When will the system realize if one should receive the death penalty? How will they be sure that all the evidence is there? Is capital punishment ethical? What are the different types of executions methods? Does this punishment violate the U.S Constitution? What happens when an innocent is executed? These questions need to be addressed before anyone is fully able to understand this punishment.
Similar to what I briefly mentioned earlier, mistakes often happen in our justice system. With that…

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