Capital Punishment Should Not Be Executed Within Any Society Essay example

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Capital Punishment, A Capital NO Capital punishment has a long and gruesome history, regrettably that history is not all in the past. Capital punishment, the practice of putting someone to death as punishment for a crime, is still exercised within fifty-eight countries and thirty-one American states. Although today’s methods of government sanctioned executions are more humane and less violent than our days past; when to be put to death meant to be hanged, flayed, burned alive or worse, it should still be considered by all, as a grave injustice to humanity. If killing is so wrong that it is considered one of the worst crimes a person could commit, why should the government be able to do exactly that. Capital punishment should not be executed within any society that would consider itself to be righteous in any capacity, considering that it is an hypocrisy within itself, it leads to the taking of innocent lives, and is by far not the best way of dispensing justice. Putting a criminal to death for murder is a paradox within itself. Sentencing a man or woman to death for killing is an hypocrisy because they are basically being told that it’s unacceptable to decide who lives or dies, but since they took that decision into their own hands the government can decide that they deserve to die. Not only is it a total hypocrisy, but while killing a murderer you are creating more murderers in the process. If one man or woman does not have the right to decide who dies, than why can a…

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