Capital Punishment Should Be Legalized Essay

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Capital Punishment Should Be Legalized Affirmative Case
“I think people would be alive today if there were a death penalty.” Since I agree with the words of Nancy Davis Reagan, and with the other 56% of Americans today, I stand in firm affirmation of today’s resolution: that capital punishment should be legalized within the United States.
To clarify, capital punishment is defined, as by the Oxford Dictionary, as a punishment of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime. More specifically, in the United States, capital punishment is reserved only for the crimes of murder, terrorism, large amounts of drug trafficking, and treason.
I offer the following contentions as proof to support my claim:
Contention I: Retribution. Retribution, otherwise known as revenge, is a way for the victim’s friends and family to receive a somewhat sense of contentedness after the murder. Robert Macy, District Attorney of Oklahoma City, described his concept of the need for retribution in one case: "In 1991, a young mother was rendered helpless and made to watch as her baby was executed. The mother was then mutilated and killed. The killer should not lie in some prison with three meals a day, clean sheets, cable TV, family visits and endless appeals. For justice to prevail, some killers just need to die." Execution is a very real punishment rather than some form of rehabilitative treatment, the criminal is made to suffer in proportion to the offence.
Contention II:…

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