Essay on Capital Punishment Should Be Exonerated

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Capital punishment should be exonerated. Since a long timeline of history, capital punishment has been carried out through generation, because it is long trait of history, it has been really difficult to eliminate it from our life. The first recorded execution was in Jamestown, Virginia, Captain George Kendal was sentenced of capital punishment because espionage due it that at that time there were not prison in colonials America. Then, this stared to be common in America, and people started to have conscious if capital punishments was the right sentence to apply to criminal people. I 'm one that support capital punishments should be exonerated for the following reasons. one of the reason is that capital punishment create crimes. The mind of the people that intend to make crime toward other people, or country would not care to die. This is because they will be able to satisfy their revenge that they feel toward that person or country. Making them to be impossible to stop them because they will feel like martyrs. Bases on an article of " The death Penalty Encourages Terrorism", by "Thomas McDonnell"- Professor at pace university School of law. He established that "convicted for his role in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks against the United States, Zacarias Moussaoui wished to be put to death, but instead was sentence to life imprisonment. Many Terrorist is not deterred by the death penalty because they don 't fear death, as evidence by their…

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