Capital Punishment Should Be Enforced Essay

1465 Words Jul 27th, 2015 6 Pages
Diana Nguyen
Enforce Capital Punishment Capital punishment should be enforced because people who have committed crimes and broke the law should be punished in proportion to their crime. Capital punishment is a severe punishment; however the person who committed the crime opened themselves to the consequences. In a Virtue Ethics point of view the death penalty is a more personal theory and that it is up to a person’s virtues. Capital punishment can be supported based on the idea of retributivism which is the theory that a criminal should pay back for the crime they inflicted onto others. Capital punishment is about justice for those affected by crimes people have committed. Also, regardless of the consequences, justice entails punishing as many guilty people as. Capital punishment can relate to lex talionis based on the belief that an eye for an eye should be enforced because the offender should be punished with the suffering he deserves; however an eye for an eye can be justified to a certain extent because we cannot exactly match up the crimes. Although the full aspects of an eye for an eye cannot be followed, the criminal should be punished and suffer because they deserve it for breaking the law and maximizing pain on the victim. They caused all this pain and suffering on someone who did not deserve it, so they should deserve to be severely punished. Van den Haag argues that capital punishment is not unjust to those who opened themselves up to the consequences. I agree…

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