Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished Essay

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Have you ever been wrongly accused of actions you did not take? It is estimated that 1 in 25 people on death row is innocent. In 1984, a former marine, Kirk Bloodsworth, was accused and sentenced to death for the murder and molestation of Dawn Hamilton, nine-year-old girl. In a Maryland prison, Kirk worked in a library where he read about DNA testing and requested an appeal. Mr. Boodsworth spent 9 years in prison, two of those years on death row, to later be exonerated June 1994. Kirk Bloodsworth was the first to be released from death row due to DNA test results proving his innocents. Capital punishment should be abolished on the grounds of little to no scientific evidence of being an effective deterrent, extremely costly, racial bias, and wrongful imprisonments. In 1972, the Supreme Court made a ruling that capital punishment is not a violation of the Constitution. Capital punishment was reinstated in over 30 states and thought to be an effective preventative measure. Though many have tried few have been able to create scientific results on the deterrent effect of the death penalty. Several reports regarding capital punishment’s ability to deter were based on similar demographics, like crimes, and comparable regions with the little to no success of prevention. Psychologist and criminalist stated that research on the deterrent effect of capital punishment is fundamentally flawed; there are several variables that could cause different conclusions. Another theory is…

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