Capital Punishment Is Wrong For Many Reasons Essays

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During the Dark Ages, criminals were sentenced to death. Did I say Dark Ages? I meant during the current technology age.

I believe that capital punishment is wrong for many reasons. Before I divulge in those reasons, though, it is important to acknowledge why this debate is not that simple. Sure, in a progressive society, it seems easy to say that the death penalty is archaic and should be abolished. Yet, how many people, who are now alive during one of the safest periods of world history, have had experiences of either surviving or knowing a victim of a really horrible crime. I do not mean that someone mugged you or keyed your car. I mean that someone raped and murdered your nine year old neighbor (I may watch a lot of crime shows and those shows may have some very disturbing plots). Certainly, a case like this would warrant a death sentence. I mean, would you really want your taxes to pay for that person’s sub-par prison meals as they serve out a life term? Especially in modern times, when people live very long lives? Sure, there’s always private prisons, but can we trust that unregulated corporate facilities will not abuse their powers? If the current state of private prisons is used as evidence, then the answer should be no.

Personally, there are certain perpetrators of crimes who I would like to see be cast away from society forever. The problem though, with our current legal system, is that it can be very difficult to find out who those people are. In my opinion,…

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