Capital Punishment Is The Legally Authorized Killing Of Someone As Punishment

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What is Capital Punishment?
Capital Punishment is the legally authorized killing of someone as punishment for a crime. Capital Punishment has been around since at least the Eighteenth Century B.C. And since then has gone through many changes. Back then people were put to death for a wide variety of crimes and the methods of capital punishment used varied a great deal also. Some of these practices were crucifixion, beating to death, drowning, burning alive, impalement, boiling, hanging, burning at the stake, beheading and drawing and quartering.
In colonial Virginia you could be put to death for some minor offenses such as killing chickens, trading with Indians and stealing grapes. In the New York colony denying the “true God”, or striking one’s mother or father could also get you put to death. Not everyone agreed with the use of capital punishment and argued that it was unconstitutional and that it is cruel and unusual punishment.

History of Capital Punishment…

The first time that capital punishment was recorded and used in colonial times was in the Jamestown colony of Virginia, a captain George Kendall was put to death for being a spy for Spain. Then in 1622 Daniel Frank was the first legal execution of a criminal in the American colony in Virginia. His crime was stealing cattle and he was hanged. In this incident race was not a factor. The first recorded execution of a woman was that of Jane Champion in 1632 for an unknown offense. From 1608-1900 about 505 women have…

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