Capital Punishment Is Morally Wrong? Essay

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Capital punishment is a massively debated subject. It is constantly under ethical and moral scrutiny. Is it right? Is it wrong? There really isn’t a clear answer only one’s personal opinion. There is a massive amount of documentation for and against capital punishment. Not only do people debate capital punishment itself, there is also the argument of when it is acceptable. While there will never be a clear answer, there is an abundance of research available to allow one to form a personal opinion on whether capital punishment falls within their moral and ethical compass. Reality shows us that capital punishment does exist, however, that doesn’t mean that every person agrees with its use. There are many arguments for or against the ethics and morality of capital punishment. When one looks at arguments for and against capital punishment, they quickly see this topic has a large amount of grey area.
Capital Punishment is Ethically Wrong The ethical debate that capital punishment is wrong comes in many forms. Some will argue that it is wrong to take a human life. While others will argue that the way capital punishment is carried out is wrong. There is also the debate of whether a physician should be allowed to assist in capital punishment. One of the biggest arguments that capital punishment is ethically wrong is that lex talionis (eye for an eye) isn’t a good enough argument for capital punishment. This argument is based on the fact that if all crimes were punished lex…

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