Capital Punishment : Is It Cruel And Unusual Punishment? Essay

1172 Words Dec 15th, 2015 5 Pages
One of the most debated subjects out in society is capital punishment. Capital punishment is taking the life of another human for committing crimes at the capital offense level. There are many people who disagree as well as agree on capital punishment. Some say it is cruel and unusual punishment others believe the crime should fit the punishment which in some cases death is the punishment. Many people have their own opinions on capital punishment. I am going to specify on why people believe we should keep capital punishment and why we shouldn 't. Capital punishment isn 't always accurate when it comes to if he/she has committed the crime. There have been numerous victims that have been giving the death penalty and years to pass have been proven innocent. Many of this victims have been incarcerated for years while on death row. So to have done all that time and then proven innocent is a horrible thing to put a person through. Not all get so lucky most of them get executed before they get proven non-guilty. As this study shows that eight thousand men and women who have been falsely convicted have been executed since the 1970s (Pilkington Par2). Statistics also show that over 4.1 percent of victims sentenced to death are innocent (Pilkington, Par1). I could now see why innocents could be an arguable reason to not have the death penalty. As this study 's shows that our Court systems have not been the best when it comes to convicting people. The cost of the capital…

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