Capital Punishment Is Inhumane Essay

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The inhumane of Capital Punishment “Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment, J.R.R Tolken.” The idea putting a person life to death is something that we human cannot even imagine doing to another person life. However, the worst part of it is that, human did it since centuries. Capital punishment was a traditional punishment from all over the world, especially 18th century and 19th century was the time of the cruel and bloody world. There are a plenty reason why capital punishment should be stopped. Capital Punishment can be inhumane, very expensive and most importantly can send the wrong message to people that taking another life is good idea, just because that person did the same thing to other person life. There always one things common about all humans, that we agree that it is immoral to kill another person. However we still pass laws such as …show more content…
Racism really common things in capital punishment, especially on African-American men. There is great amount of ethnically and discriminating ways. The disturbing think about this situation is that prosecutors or juries are apply the death penalty on African-American men on every step of the criminal. Nearly all the white group of courts people like prosecutors and even judges are being make the decision about who deserve to live and who dies, and this kind of racially rules are hurting African-American innocent by those objective defenders. And the result of this kind of situation is a very unfair and injustice on this kind of cruel punishment because the color of the skin. According to the Washington, based Death penalty information centers (DPIC), 56% of death row inmate are black and in Amnesty international also report that 20% of blacks nationwide were convicted by all whites’ juries and 94.5% of elected prosecutors in death penalty states are

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