Capital Punishment Is Inflated Human Disposal Essay

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Capital Punishment is Inflated Human Disposal Murderers are evil human beings who have a mental disorder that drives them to kill. They are considered to be the common filth of the earth and many people feel as if they should be eradicated. So, capital punishment is installed into society standards which then gives people a way to dispose of these criminals. However, by doing this everyone else is no better than they are. “Two wrongs does not make a right” is a popular mantra among mothers installed into their children, but where is this being enforced? It is not, and the common man then becomes no better than the criminal he has just condemned. Capital punishment is a fancy word for a method used by governments to kill criminals. By injecting them with drugs or electrocuting them, it is a justified means to exterminate a life. The methods used by governments are extremely similar to those which are used by the criminal on his victim. To give a criminal unethical punishment as a way to balance out the evil wrong doings of the crime he has committed, does not fall under the category of Justice. Many states are starting to realize this same fatal mistake in reasoning and have decided to abolish capital punishment. Even though this is a sign of progression in society standards, it simply is not enough and will not bring justice until all states have abolished capital punishment. “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind” by Mahatma Gandhi. To kill…

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