Capital Punishment Is An Outdated Method Essay

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Capital punishment is an outdated method to deal with prisoners that have committed dreadful felonies. Currently 32 states have the death penalty in the United States. The U.S. is the only country on the western hemisphere with this punishment while countries in the middle east still have it. Since 1970, 1,400 felonies have been executed and 28 death penalties this past year. In due time the death penalty will be removed and with America’s luck that’s going to be the same era, where crime levels around the nation increase. Without capital punishment criminals will not have the fear of being sent to death before committing a crime.
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Death Penalty
In 1976, the death sentence was reestablished and the first inmate that faced being executed was Erlich Anthony Coker. From the time of being reestablished to the 21st century, our execution trials have been a joke and a mess. The prices for a life time incarceration is less than death penalty trails. I am 100% for the death sentence. It is inhumane to take the life of another human being for your own personal gain. Life incarceration is suitable for those that may have murdered one or two people but to those monsters that have murdered people in the double digits do not deserve to live. There are many issues with our current system of capital punishment. The cost of the trails is outrageous, the elongated length of time to care out the lethal injection itself, and the number of innocent…

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