Essay on Capital Punishment Is A Government Punishment

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The capital punishment controversy has been an ongoing debate. Capital punishment is a government punishment by death. It has been practiced since the Tang Dynasty of China. It has been practiced in many different forms; some more barbaric than others. There have been arguments made that this isn’t a moral or ethical option of punishment. It argues against many religions and what people believe to be right or wrong. Although capital punishment has been outlawed in many countries, the United States still have a few states that openly practice their right of capital punishment. Many people believe that if the crime is heinous enough then the convicted criminal deserves to die. The question is, “Does the person rightfully convicted deserve to die or does the government of that state or country have the right to take their life?” It is argued that capital punishment violates the Eighth Amendment which prohibits the government from imposing excessive bail or fines, and cruel or unusual punishment. Although the convicted criminal is put to death in the most humane way (lethal injection), it is still argued that it is cruel punishment. The capital punishment controversy is not the most popular, and the viewpoints of religion aren’t as openly discussed as things such as abortion. Most religions agree that murder is unacceptable; however, they justify warfare. They view the other side as the enemy and therefore they are okay with the killing of them. This is the same when it comes…

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