Capital Punishment Is A Fancy Way Of Saying The Death Penalty

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Desiree Simental
April 13, 2015
English 091
Background Essay Rough Draft
Capital Punishment Capital Punishment is a fancy way of saying the death penalty; the death penalty is the execution of oneself that is convicted of committing a capital crime. The Death Penalty originally originated from Babylon in the eighteenth century B.C. Soon it spread out all over the world and almost all of the countries were applying capital punishment. Death sentences were carried out by such means as crucifixion, drowning, beating to death, burning alive, and impalement” (Death Penalty Information Center). In other places, boiling, burning at the stake, hanging, beheading, and quartering were also ways they would execute an individual. As time went on, different countries and states would have their own methods for execution. The executions, in my opinion, became more hostile and brutal. The reasons for death penalty back in the day, compared to now, is far more hasher and unreasonable. “Britain influenced America 's use of the death penalty more than any other country. When European settlers came to the new world, they brought the practice of capital punishment” (Death Penalty Information Center). The first execution in America was a man named Captain George Kendall for being accused of being a spy for Spain. Back in the day, officials were harsher about the decisions on how who gets executed and for what reason. Some of the reasons for execution was stealing, adultery, cutting someone…

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