Capital Punishment Is A Deterrent Of Crime Essay

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Some people say that crime keeps going up. Others say that it is going down as time goes on. Either way, some people feel that capital punishment is a deterrent of crime. Others feel that the death penalty is inhumane and a cruel and unusual punishment that will never be appropriate, no matter what the crime was. People who are pro-capital punishment theorize that a person is less likely to commit a crime because they do not want to die at the hands of the government. People saying the opposite, however, believe that no matter what, capital punishment will not deter crime. Their reasoning is something along the lines of “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”, meaning that they do not believe that a person should be killed because they committed a crime. Because of the surrounding controversy, many studies have been done to see if capital punishment actually deters crime. If it does, people would probably be slightly more comfortable with it. If not, it goes to show that it is an inhumane way to punish someone, especially if it turns out a person was actually innocent. You can always release someone from prison but you can never bring a person back to life.
On one side of the argument, people believe that the death penalty deter crime because they believe that a person will not want to die because of a crime they committed. They also believe that people need to die for the most heinous of crimes, such as sexual assault against a child or homicide in cold…

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