Capital Punishment Deters Criminal Behavior Essay

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Capital punishment deters criminal behavior The purpose of the death penalty is to increase the cost of crime, so that people who have criminal tendencies when considering the costs and benefits of crime due to high cost and give up crime. If you kill a person needs to pay the price just to life imprisonment , that will emerge a number of killers killed a man, then he smiled and said, after a few years, I was released from prison is still a hero. Offenses and penalties disproportionately severe punishment contrary to the principle of consistency. How about the dead who pay for their Innocent lives? Did we consider the rights of victims and their families and feel it? Your loved ones have been killed, perhaps even rape and murder, killing your loved one, will able to spend enough to live comfortably the rest of his life for decades, because the prison also has human rights, a lot of criminals than he had in the community good. If you don’t abolishing the death penalty, then it will lead to the abolition of the death penalty privately resolved. I remember reading one case, a child was killed, the murderer didn 't sentenced to death, the child 's father to kill a criminal. I think if the abolition of the death penalty, there is a growing the more such cases happen now, human life is not more worthless? For the miscarriages of justice, that’s not about death penalty’s fault. It’s lack of procedural due. Chinese has an old saying:” Good for evil, how repay.” The law is not…

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