Essay on Capital Punishment : Cruel And Unusual Punishment

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Capital punishment to many is a way one can punish an individual through all of the crime committed in his or her life. The definition of “punishment” has always been a blurry line between the two standpoints. For instance, when dealing with the legal system, the Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty is not in violation of the constitution because the punishment is in balanced with the offense (LII 1992, 1). For this reason, many will argue that Capital punishment does not abridge the 8th amendment right against cruel and unusual punishment. It was as well noted that unless it fits the four main principles on cruel and unusual punishment, then it is not unconstitutional. These four criteria include, whether it is degrading human dignity, arbitrary, socially rejected, and unnecessary (CRJDH 2016, 8). If a death sentence does not consist of any of the four principles, the punishment is justified. For example, most death sentences involve lethal injections where the criminal dies silently and at a reasonable time. To illustrate, lethal shortage consists of three drugs, sodium thiopental, an anesthetic that puts the inmate to sleep, Pancuronium Bromide, a drug that stops breathing, and Potassium Chloride, which stops the heart completely (CRJDH 2016, 10). Because lethal shortage is considered quick and painless, it does not degrade the inmate’s dignity. Another example is the necessary aspect of deterrence, preventing one from committing horrendous offenses. One may…

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