Capital Punishment As A Sentence For Murder Essay examples

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For centuries, societies have argued for and against the use of capital punishment as a sentence to stop heinous crimes. Evidence shows that capital punishment is not the only sentence that will stop murder in our society. This essay will investigate and analyse the current laws in place and how effective they are. It will evaluate and justify if the existing laws are just and equitable.

Capital punishment is the practice of executing someone as punishment for murder or other heinous crimes after being found guilty after a fair and proper legal trial (BBC, 2014). Queensland’s last execution was in 1913 with Queensland completely abolishing capital punishment as sentencing for heinous crimes in 1922. Queensland abolished capital punishment as a sentence for murder because it did not align with the CRIMES (SENTENCING PROCEDURE) ACT 1999, section 3a where it is stated that the purposes for which a court may impose a sentence on an offender are as to ensure the offender is adequately punished for the offence and to prevent crime by deterring the offender and other offenders (New South Wales Government, 1999). Capital punishment was abolished as a sentence for murder due to the fact it is inhumane and unethical. It would not deter the occurrence of murder in our society if that was the reprimand of the murderer’s action.

Section 2 of the Criminal Code Amendment Act 1922 provides a section on the abolition of capital punishment which states that the sentence of punishment by…

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