Capital Punishment As A Punishment Essay

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Capital punishment is define as the lawful infliction of death as a punishment. Death as a punishment has been long used by the United States throughout history. First historical evidence of the death penalty was in Jamestown during the colonial period. Death penalty has no current effect on the management of crime than any other punishment given. Different countries and states have many other viewpoints on the death penalty as far as morally and ethically. According the case, Furman v. Georgia which rules that death penalty polices of thirty-nine states are consider to be unconstitutional. It was seen as this punishment was cruel and unusual punishment under current state laws. Since this case had been determined the issues of controversy of deterrence and incapacitation have surfaced. Capital punishment is the current discussion in our society today. According to the PBS, the code of King Hammurabi of Babylon had a death penalty sentence for at least twenty-five crimes. It goes as far back as the 14th century to the seventh century during the times of Athens which only used death as punishment for all types of crimes. Also, Roman law of the twelve tables carried out many different types of death sentences such as crucifixion, drowning and even impalement. During the 10th century, Williams the conqueror would hang or execute in time of war. When the reign of Henry Vlll came about he used execution to rid himself of marriage to four of his wives. There were many…

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