Capital Punishment Research Paper

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Capital punishment

“Capital punishment “In this country, capital punishment is used to punish some of the worst criminals. The country decides to take their lives for the crimes they have committed. Capital punishment continues to be used in the United States despite controversy over its effectiveness as a deterrent to serious crime. A sentence of death may be carried out by one of five lawful means: electrocution, hanging, lethal injection, gas chamber, and firing squad. Capital punishment is the most irreparable crime the government perpetrates without consequence. Capital punishment in its simplest form means another person taking the life of another. In the 1850’s the reform
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Criminal have become a part of our daily life. Nevertheless, there are many that believe Capital punishment is, in fact, a method of punishment. They believe if you perpetrated a heinous crime, electrocution, hanging, lethal injection, gas chamber, and firing squad must kill you. This has been a really serious problem for civil right groups, religious figures and other people who oppose Capital Punishment. Capital punishment has a bunch of ethical and religious matters tied to it. There are many who support capital punishment while others oppose it staunchly. Capital punishment violates the constitutional right of a human being and it is more of a barbaric and cruel punishment against a living human being and can be classified as one of the acts of human nature. It holds up all religious conventions, as it is not the right of the state to play God and settle who should survive and who should be put to death. Sometimes the law takes its way of life and it can be biased as well as it may be too prejudiced. Although Civil Right movement has campaigned against capital punishment. The statement against capital punishment is that, even though it is a penalization for the murders, it will not hurt to punish the murders with the less harsh sentence. Capital punishment would have been justifiable if it were able to prevent future offenses. Yet, this has not been the case so …show more content…
These trials are nothing more than fraud trial which defy the spiritual ethics as well as the societal framework of life. Experience has shown that innocent people are often convicted of a crime including capital crimes and that some of them have been executed. “Hugo bedaub states that no matter careful courts are, the possibility of perjured testimony, mistaken honest, and human error remains all too real”. A recent study show over 400 cases of wrong conviction for capital offenses in the Unites Stated between 1900 and 1991. We can cite the case of Curtis McCarty served 21 years and 18 years on death row for a murder he did not commit, but when they reexamined the case and they found him innocent. There have cases where sentences have been overturned after being reexamined the court of law. The law and court system sometimes have its own reasons behind inflicting the punishment like this. Death is the last and sure thing that can happen to a person in life and most of the people fear only death during their whole life and nobody with an exception would like to be dead. The amount of death row in Florida is 412. The percentage of each race are; African-American 41.58%, Hispanic 11.34%, others is 2.33%. The actual cost of an execution is substantially higher than the cost of imprisoning a person for life. Florida spent average $ 3.2 million dollars per execution from

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