Capital Punishment And The Death Penalty Essay

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Capital punishment or the death penalty is considered to be the most severe punishment. It is the execution administered to somebody convicted of a capital offense, such as murder or treason. Capital punishment has been around for thousands of years, from the infamous guillotine to hangings, shootings, and poisonings. It has been banned in numerous countries, but it has not yet been banned in the United States of America. The ban of the death penalty is not fully supported, since the U.S. federal government and 31 of the states still use the death penalty ("Facts about the Death Penalty"). The near future of criminal convictions in the United States depends on the decision on whether capital punishment should be retained or abolished. There is much controversy between whether it should be kept or not, since many disagree on their positions. Opposers argue that it is unjust, cruel, and ineffective, often arguing against it using clichèd disagreements like “an eye for an eye.” Although the opponents of capital punishment believe it to be wrong, contrary to that belief promoters believe that it is moral because it deters criminal actions, provides justice, it is fair, and more effective than life without parole. Supporters of the death penalty have proven that capital punishment deteriorates crime rate and keeps the common people away from the risk of homicide. According to a study in 2006, Professor Naci Mocan from the University of Colorado observed that each execution…

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