Capital Punishment And The Death Penalty Essay

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Since the beginning of time, death has been a punishment for horrible crimes like murder, espionage, and terrorism. Even Hammurabi, the well known king of Mesopotamia, use the death penalty to promote peace. Today, the United States justice system has caused capital punishment to be outdated and ineffective. The redundant and expensive court processes have caused capital punishment to be lengthy and unsuccessful. Capital punishment fails to deter crime, which makes it useless to protect the american people. The emotional suffering of capital punishment victims’ families causes the pain of the system to be more than justice should serve. While it gets rid of dangerous criminals, capital punishment has many deplorable drawbacks which far outweigh its benefits.
Capital punishment takes too long to be considered effective. United States Supreme Court Justice, John Paul Stevens, believes that Capital Punishment has become too lengthy in processing and needs to be abolished. He said, “Clarence Allen Lackey had spent 17 years on death row when this Court reviewed his petition for certiorari. Today, condemned inmates await execution for an average of nearly 13 years....” (Stevens 1). This fact is important because it shows how long it takes to actually kill a death row prisoner, like Clarence Allen Lackey. This information proves my claim because this lengthy process is still eating up taxpayer dollars. The time spend in jail and the lengthy and expensive court processes uses…

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