Essay on Capital Punishment And The Death Penalty

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Capital Punishment
Thousands of people commit crimes throughout the year. All throughout the world there are criminals and crime happening. No matter what happens to them there are always more out there. The world will never fully get rid of the criminals. Killing one who killed does not make a statement. It is seen as hypocritical and wrong. The government should not get to decide when a person has had enough time on this Earth. Capital punishment or death penalty is an issue more in today’s society as it is looked past. Capital punishment needs to be addressed so we can stop it all together. The death penalty is used against people who have committed crimes. To be held for capital punishment serious crimes have to be committed by the person. The offenses range from little time in jail to the death penalty. Capital offenses include treason, terrorism, large-scale drug trafficking, attempt to kill a witness, and death resulting from aircraft hijacking; however, they mostly consist of various forms of murder. Some examples of murder seen are caused by drug-related drive-by shooting, murder during kidnapping, and genocide. (Federal) People may see that these actions should not be corrected with the wronging of killing the person.
Some people are for capital punishment because they think the people who committed the crime deserve it. If the person is going to take someone else’s life, they should be able to handle theirs getting taken away. With this…

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