Capital Punishment And The Death Penalty Essay examples

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Capital Punishment and moms in Prison reminds me of one of the great Author books “I know why the caged birds sings.”
The Death Penalty also known as “Capital Punishment” meaning an execution sanctioned by the government to be put to death should not be legal in my opinion because if that person is innocent and is eventually executed it is not possible to make that right to that person or reverse that decision because death is permanent. There is no way to compensate a person that has been put to death wrongly. The government can compensate the family but it will not bring back that family member. Capital Punishment was reinstated in the state of Kentucky in 1976. Since 1976 three people have been put to death Harold McQueen in July of 1997, Edward Lee Harper, Jr. in May of 1999 and Marco Allen Chapman in November of 2008. If any of these people are found to be innocent in the coming years there is no way to compensate these people. To me it is being put to death for a crime that someone else commits. To date there are no known cases in the state of Kentucky where a person have been put to death that was actually innocent. I felt the need to add my summary about moms in prison because I felt after researching it that it is not very much swept under the rug. As if the kids of the moms in prison and on death row doesn’t matter. Moms in Prison is an epidemic that is becoming more and more relevant in the United…

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