Capital Punishment And The Death Penalty Essay

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Imagine sitting in a courtroom and being on trial for a very serious capital offense. Capital punishment, or the death penalty, is a possible sentence for this terrible crime. Watch as the public defense lawyer in charge of the case ruins any chance of a lesser punishment … because he is drunk. This is exactly what happened to Robert Hosley. According to Marc Bookman, Hosley went to trial for committing a capital offense: murdering a police officer. His public defense lawyer, Andy Prince, entered court drunk many days of the trial and failed to demonstrate to the judge or jurors that his defendant was intellectually challenged and that he was terribly abused as a child. Consequently, without these key pieces of information, Hosley was sentenced to death (Bookman). The Death Penalty in the United States is intended to prevent the killing of innocent lives by taking the lives of those who put others in danger, but too often, it seems that other factors influence the court’s decision. Specifically, those in poverty tend to withstand the worst of the system. When debating if economic status influences the death penalty, two major stances must be considered. First, one must consider the history of economic status influencing the death penalty. According to "History of the Death Penalty", Capital Punishment dates back to the Code of Hammurabi during the 18th century BC, where the punishment for a crime was determined by the socioeconomic status of the criminal as well as the…

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