Essay on Capital Punishment And The Death Penalty

752 Words May 30th, 2016 4 Pages
For centuries, people have been convicted of crimes and punished in several different ways. Punishments in the past have ranged from public embarrassments to being imprisoned, the punishment which has existed since the dawn of time and still in existence today is the punishment by death. This is called Capital Punishment or the death penalty and has always been the ultimate punishment for a person’s crime. It has been around for centuries but as times have evolved with us, so has our opinions of this judgement. For many years’ people have protested the punishment by death verdict. Others believe it is the only solution. This is cause for many controversies in this matter. Certain demographics agree with this punishment but then there are the groups that protest this judgement regardless of the situation. In my opinion, I believe that if a person can commit such an evil crime as abusing a child or committing murder on a defenseless individual for self-gratification should receive the death penalty. The saying goes, “A Life for A life” and well many interpret this saying as, if you kill someone you should die as well as punishment but another interpretation is if you murder someone then you should lose your life not by death but by life imprisonment where the person would in a way lose their life. For Decades, many organizations have fought to protect or remove the Death Penalty but there hasn’t been a universal stance on this issue as in the book “The Death Penalty in…

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