Capital Punishment And The Death Penalty Essays

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With this world being covered in controversy its hard to step foot outside without finding something for two people to disagree on. One of those topics is Capital Punishment. “Many political philosophers today think of justice as fundamentally about fairness, while those who defend capital punishment typically hold that justice is fundamentally about desert (Aspenson).” While one side is for the use of capital punishment there are others who are greatly opposed to that penalty. “While thirty-two states in the United States still authorize capital punishment, this country finds itself in the midst of an undisputed trend towards states outlawing the death penalty (Mclaughlin).” In this discussion there are two views you can have and to really understand this you have to take a look at both sides of this debate. Capital Punishment is viewed with two different thoughts, those for it and those against it. There are those who feel that it is not right to take another person’s life for it makes the system responsible for the death no better than the convicted murderer. The Catholic Church is on of this out there who opposes to the death penalty. “Over the past several decades, the Catholic Church has become an influential voice in the public debate about the death penalty(Klein).” Because of the influence the Catholic Church they can hold a lot of weight of in the discussion of Capital Punishment. The Catholic Church wants to protect the other side of those effected by Capital…

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