Essay on Capital Punishment And The Death Penalty

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Capital punishment or the death penalty, is a punishment of execution for the conviction of murder. There is a lot of controversy with this topic because some people agree with capital punishment and some people completely oppose it. My position on this topic is mixed because I believe that it is beneficial and unfair on some occasions. When deciding whether or not a murderer should undergo capital punishment many factors must be considered. One of the main factors I would take into account is the one that will determine if the murderer deserves the death penalty. The most important question to be asked, I believe, would be: Is the criminal 100% guilty of committing the murder? If it were up to me, if more than 90% of the evidence concludes that the convict is guilty of murder, then the death penalty should be an option. Sometimes, inmates who are on death row do not deserve to be there. Some convicts really are innocent and are paying the price for someone else. This is one of the main reasons why I am not in complete agreement with the death penalty. In addition, one of the amendments of the constitution state “no excessive bail.”
But what is excessive? For some, it may be 3 years, for some it may be 20 years. Really it is an opinion. I say more than 10 years is excessive, but I know, from what I have heard in previous history classes, some convicts are on death row for decades and they are treated very different compared to inmates who are not on death…

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