Capital Punishment And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Capital punishment is death sentences backed by laws of the state for a crime that the state considers illegal and heinous. It has been one of the most important issues of discussion owing to its wide scope and contradicting arguments by various scholars. While most of the countries have either passed legislations against capital punishment or have instituted a moratorium on it, other countries including India still argue in favour of capital punishment and believe that it deters crimes. The number of criminals put to death penalty in India since independence is alarming and raises serious human rights questions which one needs to ponder upon. Even if research establishes the deterrent effect of capital punishment, it is immoral and ultra vires, on the basis of modern moral and ethical philosophy, to execute the convict as it is a gross violation of human rights, especially the right to life which is fundamentally inviolable.

Literature Review

Capital punishment stirs up fierce debates all over India and the world. The issue assumes importance as it raises fundamental questions on the role of state in delivering justice, the scope of state 's authority, the scope of fundamental rights, and whether the state can violate the fundamental rights of an individual for the greater common good. The spectrum of research on capital punishment is wide but, nonetheless, there is still immense scope of research in the subject matter. The growing volume of research and…

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