Capital Punishment And Death Penalty Essay

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Capital Punishment or death penalty is a government sanction punishment by death. Through Capital Punishment has been used since when Britain first settle in the colonies in early 1600s, Capital Punishment had been a controversial topic. While some thinks Capital Punishment serve as an unusual and cruel punishment that violate the 8th amendment, other thinks Capital Punishment is extremely effective because the harsh punishment can prevent future crime.
The history Capital punishment in the US all started when the British settlement came to the new world and brought their influence of the death penalty to the Jamestown colonies in the 1600s. Other colonies also started the death penalty. However in the mid 1700s, some colonies start to revise the death penalty laws as the Capital punishment is only used in murder and treason. In 1794 Pennsylvania repeals the death penalty for all offences except for first degree murder. In the mid 1800s there been movement to remove the death penalty gain momentum in the northeast. In 1833, Pennsylvania became the first state to move execution to a facilities rather than from public eye. In 1846, Michigan became the first state to abolish the death penalty on all crime except for treason. While some state are trying to limit the use of Capital punishment, In most southern state, they held on to the usual capital punishment with some state make more crime a capital punishment mostly against the slaves. During and after the civil war, the…

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