Capital Punishment : An Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Capital Punishment: An Annotated Bibliography When considering the possibility that capital punishment could be justified as a response towards evil action. Approvingly that capital punishment is an appropriate crime punishment in a response to murder, “the greatest crime known to the law.” As capital punishment is not morally permissible as a response to evil, then it cannot be permissible morally. If capital punishment cannot be justified towards a response in evils acts, when will it ever be justified. We believe that we only need the capital punishment act because of evil existing in this world.
As capital punishment continues to be a highly debated and also a public policies issue in the U.S.
As social science begins to join the debate through examining the influences of legal and extralegal characteristic on the prosecutor’s decision making. The purpose of the special issue is addressing topics related to the death penalty that have not been addressed or have been thought of. As the increase of the death penalty does not help the problems of over populating in prisons. The different types of the topic need to be discussed so that an agreement can come out of this sooner.
This shows links between religion and the death penalty which shows how the death penalty is many different things at the same time. It mostly shows how the capital punishment functions as a social, cultural, and ultimately legal institution. Capital Punishment has been practiced in the United…

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