Capital Is The Path To Happiness Essay

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Eliminating Capital from the Path to Happiness
The pursuit of happiness usually serves as a major goal in a free democratic society. However, for a society as a whole, and for the individual citizens in it, the definition of happiness remains unclear, which makes attaining this goal difficult. While happiness can take on a variety of different meanings, it can be separated into two main categories, absolute happiness and relative happiness. Absolute happiness can be described as the happiness that one feels through the love they have for themselves, others and their ambitions in life. Absolute happiness is what makes individuals feel whole and alive, it is the pure joy one receives from living life itself. Relative happiness can be described as the happiness we receive from having a comparative advantage. It can also be represented in the benefits that individuals receive when they are relatively better off than their counterpart in situations where inequalities exist. For example, an individual who wins a race because they trained and worked harder reaps the
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Then I will explain how capital has become the path to absolute happiness, and specific ways in which this can be changed through government intervention. Then I will speak about how Marx would mitigate the power of capitalism through revolutionary changes that would create complete economic equality. I will further argue that economic equality alone does not ensure happiness social inequalities could occur even in a situation where everyone has economic equality. Because these social inequalities could infringe upon one 's happiness to an even greater extent than economic inequalities could, it is imperative that social equality remain the center of concern for a society that strives to ensure that the pursuit of happiness is possible for

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