Capillus Hair Care Products Case Study

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Hair care products are known as formulations designed to maintain a healthy looking hair. Undoubtedly, they play key roles in maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the hair. Women use these products a lot compared to men who seldom use them.

Recently, I discovered that Capillus Hair Care products exist aside their already established technology-based approach to restoring lost hair.

With my preview of the products in their primary website, I sensed they are the hair care formulas we have not seen before.

Maybe, we can simply order for them and start using them! But we don’t really know what they have and the conditions in which they should be used.

It is important
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The real answer to this question will suffice subsequently.

Let us see the specific information on each of Capillus Hair Care product brand.

Capillus Clinical Hair Therapy (Shampoo)

This is marketed as a formula designed to optimize the health of the scalp. It is said to promote the thickness and the volume of the hair.

Capillus Clinical Hair Therapy (Shampoo) promotes to be infused with a blend of DHT blockers and vasodilators. These should improve the circulation of blood in the follicle, thereby nourishing the follicle.

Additionally, Capillus Clinical Hair Therapy (Shampoo) is said to cleanse the scalp and remove accumulated environmental pollutants, excessive sebum and styling products with low pH without the unwanted effects of sulfates that neutralizes essential oils.

To use the formula it is required that we wet the hair with warm water and gently massage the shampoo in the
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Capillus Clinical Hair Therapy (Conditioner)

This label to be a restorative and a sulfate-free formula designed to manage, repair and restore damaged hair.

According to the manufacturer, Capillus Clinical Hair Therapy (Conditioner) should be used with their Low Level Light Therapy Device (LLLT) and should be safe for both colored as well as chemically treated hair.

It is said to be a combination of argan oil, plant extracts and other nutrients which are not mentioned by the manufacturer.

It should work by hydrating and enriching the hair strand while making it soft and radiantly shinny. It should be used on damp hair or hair that is dried with towel.

The Benefits Should Include:

Restores Hair Vitality;
Hydrates and Softens the Hair;
Repair Damaged Hair;
Increases Hair Shine;
Compatible with Chemically Treated Hair;
No Paraben or Sulfate;
No Residue is Left to Drag Hair Down.
Capillus Clinical Hair Therapy (Revitalizer)

This is said to be a well formulated serum for cleansing the scalp and keeping it healthy. In line with the manufacturer’s description, Capillus Revitalizer should revamp the scalp, reduce inflammation and cause the natural lubrication of the hair

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