Canyons By Gary Paulsen Analysis

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“Canyons” by Gary Paulsen is a marvelous story that is very entertaining for teenagers and even adults that is into fiction.
In the story, “Canyons” there are two time periods for both our main character. Coyote Run lived in El Paso, Texas during the year of 1890, tho Brennan lived in El Paso, Texas during the year of 1990.
There is two main characters in the story, Coyote Run and Brennan Cole. Their both 2 different teenage boys who lived in different eras, but have a similar divine connection. Brennan Cole lived in El Paso, Texas, and everyday after school he would run. He didn’t run because he wanted to get in shape or run for track, but he ran to be with himself. Brennan was tall and thin and healthy with brown hair that grew thick. Sadly,

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