Canyon Ranch Case Study Essay

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Canyon Ranch: A Case Analysis
Recreation is an important need of most individuals at present. With all the pressure acquired from work, a way to relax and relieve the stress is indeed necessary. Going to beaches and resorts is one good way to relax. Canyon Ranch, however, is not just any place for vacation. What makes this place different from others is its objective that is not only focused on bringing relaxation but also quality and healthiness in each of its clients. A vacation spot known for its health spas, Canyon Ranch has been considered a pioneer for setting the standard for health resorts since 1979. Currently, Canyon Ranch offers both health resorts and spaclubs in various places within the United States. In
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About 75% of its customer base is represented by women. Though this market segment represents the majority, the male population is recognized as a growing segment. This segmentation growth is attributed to the increasing interest of men towards health and fitness as well as the aging of the baby boomer generation.
B. SWOT Analysis
Micro-environmental factors (Strengths and Weaknesses)
Canyon Ranch has a number of strengths. One of which is its undisputed position as a leader in the luxury segment of the Spa industry. It offers an unparalleled line of products and services as well as an incomparable service for its customers. The company practices of Canyon Ranch are also considered as its strengths. As the company has strong regards for its workforce, Canyon Ranch prioritizes its human resource and ensures that all of its employees fit in to the needs and standards of the company. In addition, the company offers a wide array of products and services that set the company apart from other similar businesses. Canyon Ranch also offers a health and healing component that is different from all other settings. All of these products and services are housed within one location, making it comfortable and accessible for customers. The company also has certain weaknesses. For instance, Canyon Ranch did not have any form of recognition program for repeat customers. In addition, the company does not spend much for advertising,

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