Canuum Property Management System Case Study

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1. Property Management Systems
1.1 Cenium Property Management System
Cenuim Property Management System has grown from a local Scandinavian hospitality provider to a strong global provider during these 13 years.
By choosing Cenuim Property Management System, the solutions help to deal with all main hospitality business and All-in-One statement is to give hoteliers a completely integrated solution without being supported by a myriad of interfaces and multiple systems. Cenuim can be used separately or in combination to collect a whole information platform for hotel operations. Many other PMSs are on separated databases with numerous interfaces so that the system can run together. This may have conflicts if something goes wrong. But Cenium offers
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It helps the hotel to complete reservations module efficiently and to manage the available dynamic rooms. It is a profitable marketing tool which helps to make the correct marketing analysis by capturing a wide range of data, including budgets, yearly occupancy, segmentation and guest information (Silverbyte, 2010, Products, Optima Property Management System, para 5). Its unique flexible customized configuration which allows the Avon City Hotel to define its rooms in different ways and group them into different categories, then controlling prices by a precise rate management. Secondly, the internal data, reports and daily snapshot reports will be sent to managers or supervisors and owners by emails to ensure staff are aware of giving more attention to guest service as well as saving labour costs (Silverbyte, 2010, Products, Optima Property Management System, para 15). For Avon City Hotel, this kind of advantage of using the unique open architecture such as Power Builder™ makes it easier and more effective to get the marketing report or financial report to deal with all targeting customers. It is simple and quick to learn and use no matter how big the hotel. Finally, Optima PMS is well segmented into several modules including the reservation module, the guest reception module, the accounting and billing …show more content…
No matter the hotel is connected with 10, 50, 100 or more OTA channels, eZee Centrix can instantly update the hotel room rates and inventories on all linked OTAs, Global Distribution Systems and hotel’s own website or Facebook Page in real-time. It effectively minimizes the trouble associated with overbooking and mismatched inventory to ensure that the hotel will not miss a single booking. In additional, in terms of the room rates published on all distribution channels which need to be compulsorily at the same room rates for the same type of room for maximum profit. That eZee Centrix is able to accomplish it which means it provides parity structure while selling the correct room at an appropriate rate due in accordance with the currency market and conditions. Another key point of eZee Centrix CMS is to allow the hotel to stop selling rooms when the inventory system is showing the last room available in order to avoid overbooking such as there is a sudden requirement of a group

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