Canterbury Tales Character Analysis

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Which Characters of The Canterbury Tales are the reflections of our contemporary society and why? Answer:
“The Canterbury Tales”, renowned and legendary poem of medieval age, is the collection of stories written in Heroic Couplet in Middle English by Geoffrey Chaucer, the father of English Poetry and the greatest writer of 14th Century, got distinction among the medieval poets due to realism and the unique art of characterization which varies from character to character. His characters are universal and the masterpieces of realism.
Chaucer sketched various medieval characters that belonged to all classes of that time. The Characters which are the reflections of our contemporary society are listed and explained below:
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He represents ideal as well as the real Christian hero of medieval time. He participated in many crusaders and the teller of the first tale. A Knight should be a symbol of bravery, honesty, and believes in freedom and kindness towards all. The Knight was extremely polite, always being on his best behavior. There is no gainsaying in this fact that the Knight held a very respectable reputation in the medieval English Society.
There are only a few people in our contemporary society who have the qualities of the Knight and represent the embodiment of the ideal man.
The Squire
The Squire is Knight’s son who is youthful, handsome and loves dancing. He is very concerned with his appearance and found of having friendship with many girls of his age. He only fights for his lady’s honor and not interested to indulge in crusader.
There are some young boys in our contemporary society who have the qualities of the Squire and they represent the personification of young lovers.
The Yeoman The Yeoman is third in the rank of medieval period army ranks after the Knight and the Squire. The Yeoman is that particular servant with whom the Knight travelled. The dress of the Yeoman is green just like the Robin
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The Plowman The Plowman is an ideal middle class citizen of medieval times. These resembles to the middle class people of today era.
The Miller The Miller’s character is prominent by his physical description because he is a huge man with impressive figure which makes him seem more powerful than the other characters. The body builder of our current society is the example of miller.
The Clerk The Clerk is a poor student who spent his money on buying books instead of purchasing fine clothes. He is one of those guys who speak little, but when they do, their words are wise and full of moral virtue.
The Doctor (The Physician) The Doctor (Physician is a very skillful man and is the master of his profession. His knowledge about medicines, drugs, and astrology is very broad. He is fond of gold and used to make a lot of money during the plague season and very much expert in finding the cure of the plague for his patients. The Doctors of our contemporary/modern day society are the true reflection of 14th Century or medieval age or Chaucer age

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