canonical criteria Essay

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Canonical Criteria
Patricia A. Hargrove
Grand Canyon University: BIB 502
October 15, 2014
Dr. Don Done
Canonical Criteria The purpose of this essay is to discuss and give some explanation and knowledge of the elements and relevant information as it relates to the Canonical Criteria. The Biblical canon that we find in Jewish Christian are listed in and throughout the various books in the Bible. They are recognized as being inspired by God which makes them sacred. They are very profound and valid to the particular religion or community group of believers as it pertains to their faith and livelihood in the Kingdom of God. The word canon is derived from the Greek word (kanon) which is define as a reed. It later
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There aren’t any books that aren’t unspiritual in the canons, which makes them positive. When we look at the negative or the weakness which appears to be a vicious circle in how we are to recognize the book in the Bible as being canon. The fifth is the testimony of the Holy Spirit to the individual Christian. This criterion gives the authority that the Scripture is grounded in God’s own power and decision. It is not based on any human decision. The positive and strength is that the authority of Scripture is grounded in human decision but it is in the hands and the witness of God alone and the Holy Spirit that is working in the hearts, minds and souls of all Christians. The negative is not how the canon were formed because we do not receive a bundle of scriptures but a book that is known as the Bible in which we read to gain knowledge and guidance by the Holy Spirit.
The sixth is the authority of the Church. It is the contention of the Roman Catholic Church. The positive and strength is that God did give his word to the people but it was the churches job to settle any questions that would arise from the understanding of the New Testament canon or canonical criteria. The negative was that there were several fallacies in the Catholic Church which was the Old Testament before the New Testament church, the church under the

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